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    BackloadsAre you a backloads company who specialises in backloading?
    Yes. We have been in the furniture removals business since 1996.

    Do you have your own moving trucks?
    Absolutely! We are not just a website or brokerage service.
    - We have our own moving trucks and GTS  is a registered business. Every staff member has spent time on our own trucks, so they completely understand the full process of interstate backloads.

    Backloads RemovalsAre all backloads provided by your own trucks?
    No. Although we do have our own trucks, we also have a network of backloads companies that have been hand selected to join GTS. This ensures that we can service backloads Australia wide and that our quality standards are maintained, as every backloads company is regularly screened.

    What is the difference between your company and a furniture removals broker?
    - We actually own trucks and have worked on them ourselves.
    - We have a better understanding of exactly what needs to happen and when.
    - We are a registered company with real "bricks and mortar".
    - Our website has our name on it!
    - When you search for our company or website details, they are not registered to something obscure.

    interstate backloadsWhat types of cargo can be transported interstate?
    With Interstate Backloads we mainly deal in furniture, although any items that can be lifted by two men and loaded into the truck can be transported interstate. Like cabinetry and shop fittings.

    How do I obtain a backload price?
    Simply download one of our Backload Quotes forms.

    Australia Interstate Backloads

    What area's does your Australia Interstate Backloads service?
    Australia wide! It is that simple. If you are moving there, we can get you there via backloads removalists.

    Why are interstate backloads cheaper?
    There are two main reasons:
    - Because the truck needs to return back to its city of origin and makes it more worth while for the company if they utilise the empty space at a discounted rate.
    - Because there is space available on a truck heading in your direction and it is a shared load.

    Backloads Removalists

    How do I know I can trust your network of Backloads Removalists Australia?
    Every member has been hand selected and and are regularly screen to make sure our companies standards are upheld on every job. There are a few moving companies that have failed our screening process and therefore we do not use them as part of our network of Backloads Removalists Australia.



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    Backloading Removalists Backloads Australia and Interstate Backloads from Backloads Removalists. Furniture removals interstate.

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